Important Dates :
  • “Navreh” 1st Navratri – 28th March 2017; Tuesday
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Yagna – 27th May 2017; Saturday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Utsav – 03rd July 2017; Monday (Solar Calendar)
  • Bhagavaan Ji Maha Jayanti – 05th July 2017; Wednesday (Lunar Calendar)
  • Guru Purnima – 09th July 2017; Sunday
  • “Herath” - Maha Shivratri - 12th February 2018 (Monday)
  • Ashtami 2017 – 04th April; 03rd May; 02nd June; 01st July; 29th August; 28th September; 28th October; 27th November; 26th December; 25th January; 23rd February

Bhagavaan Ji

Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji (3 July 1898 – 28 May 1968), born Gopinath Bhan, also called Bhagavaan Ji, was a mystic saint of early 20th century Kashmir in India. He has been called a jivanmukta (liberated soul) and his spiritual state has been described as Shambhavi avastha (state of Shiva).

Contemporary saints of his times have also called him an Aghoreshwar. It was sometime during 1946–1956 that he came to be called as Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji by his devotees.

Kheer Bhawani Mandir (Bhagavaan Gopinathji’s Maata Maal)

Pandit Prasad Joo Parimoo called ‘Zada Bharata’ after the legendary saint of the Puranas – in a vision of Shri Raginya Bhagawati at Tula Mula Kashmir. The Bhagawati expressed to Pandit Parimoo that she is taking birth in his House. Eventually Haara Maal was born, who was to give birth to “Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji – Tathi Bub”, in course of time.

Vachanamritam of Baba Bhagavaan Ji

We do bow to Bhagavaan Gopinathji, who is the very innate nature of Samvit- the highest experience of the Shiva - Consciousness. He is the embodiment of the Shri Vigraha - the very existence of Shri, abidingin the Prakash of Shiva and the VImarsha of Shakti. He assumed the human form of Tabhi Bub Bhagavaan as the son of Pandit Narayanji and Shrimati Haarmall

Pt. Narayan Joo Bhan (Father of Bhagavaan Gopinathji)

Pandit Narayan Joo Bhan father of "Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji – Tathi Bub" was a highly religious person, a devout and spiritually very elevated. Bhagavaan Ji born on 3rd of July, 1898, the day Swami Vivekananda paid a visit to a tailor’s shop situated below the ancestral house of Bhagavaan Ji at Bana Mohalla, Srinagar, Kashmir. Pandit Narayan Joo father of Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji – Tathi Bub requested Swami Vivekananda to pay a visit to their house on the occasion. And it is said that Swami Vivekananda had a glimpse of the Baby “Bhagavaan Gopinath Ji – Tathi Bub”.

Bhagavaanji’s Temples